We   develop   IT   solutions   with   focus   on   leading   edge   mobile-centric   IT   solutions.

We have direct access to Japan's advanced technology and deep knowhow in the field of IT. Direct access to Japan's market as well as global market also puts us in an advantaged position to learn the latest trend and knowhow.

We   deliver   solutions,   not   just   pretty   screens   on   your   smart   device.

We are just setting up our official presence in Indonesia, but our team has worked on various mobile-centric IT solutions in the past. Our team not only developed native and web-based solutions for mobile devices (iOS/Android/BlackBerry), connecting to server-based systems which we also develop but also some exotic mobile device software developments such as for eletronic pen system of Japan's world-class famous pen maker, as well as 3G video call system for official content of an Indonesian major 3G carrier. We have a balanced knowledge of the smart device ecosystem, which covers not only the smart device itself but including server-side software development, servers and cloud technology, as well as communication technology such as SIP, audio/video encoding and streaming. Therefore we are able to deliver actual solutions, not just pretty screens on your smart device.

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