In response to growing significance of company's information systems, we provide IT infrastructure services for a secure system platform. Today, cloud computing is evolving rapidly, and the needs of customers in IT technology become more sophisticated and diversified. By accommodating unique needs and circumstances of the customer in determining optimal system configurations, we offer a total solution from designing to development to maintenance. Also, by incorporating OSS (Open Source Software), an essential tool in development of infrastructure environment for office or Internet server, with virtualization software products such as VMware or architecture know-how obtained from various past experiences, we not only consolidated/integrate the server storage (thereby reducing TOC) but also provide reasonable, high-performance infrastructure.

Integrated support for setup and operation of servers and networks as well as system development

Various services

  • Requirements
  • Existing system analysis
  • Security
  • Server design
  • Product parameter settings
  • Middleware settings
  • Server installation
  • Product installation
  • Middleware installation
  • OSS implementation and installation
Operation and support
  • On-site operation
  • Features addition
  • Server and PC setting
Life cycle
  • Thin client life cycle services
  • Information security management
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